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Invech ico project overview


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Cryptocurrency exchange Invech is a cryptocurrency exchange headed by the Invech Group. Our platform token IV runs on the Ethereum network. The Invech Group is licensed and approved by the Government of Timor-Leste to conduct and regulate blockchain and cryptocurrency related transactions, such as exchange, ICO, mining, consulting and others. We are striving to make Timor-Leste the first smart blockchain city in the world and to ensure development in a post-war country.

What is an IV token?
The IV token is the primary token used by Invech throughout its entire project. For starters, you can use it as a platform token for the Invech Crypto Currency Exchange, and then use it on all 9 Invech licensed enterprises. On the ERC20 platform, 500,000,000 units of IV tokens were created, and their number will never increase or decrease.

How is it used?
Tokens IV can be used on the exchange to pay transaction fees or off-exchange, where IV is a recognized payment method, especially in East Timor.


Enter an alternative currency through the creation of Invech Token
Attracting foreign direct investment and reducing unemployment
Regulation of crowdfunding through controlled processes
Fully exploit tourism and agriculture in East Timor
Improving human capital and local empowerment in East Timor
Advising and advising the government on issues related to the blockchain and technology.
Provide education and training to improve livelihoods
Advantages of IV token:
Invech Token will be used on all Invech Group business platforms.

Exchange Discount:
Get up to 60% discount on transaction fees when trading with IV Token.

Peer to Peer Payment:
The ability to use it as a P2P payment for businesses and individuals. Mobile wallet will be released.

Discounts for early birds:
IEO members can own IV tokens at a reduced price and enjoy the pleasure of getting tokens after completing IEO.

The platform for converting IV Token to Fiat will be launched in 2019.
IV token recognized as the legitimate cryptocurrency government of Timor Leste.

And at least 70 countries are participating. So, like it or not, China will become the last economic giant in the next few decades, which can be seen. Therefore, we must seize this opportunity. See how they invest in many countries, including Malaysia. What will happen with a large number of railways, we will wait and see, but this is a big investment. In addition, we will also create a blockchain country. Because of the basic capabilities of all governments will be based on the blockchain. So for the exchange itself We mainly invites and welcomes the joining of large companies. At the same time, customers can also trade currency transactions here. There are also tokens for a currency exchange service. As I said, we also have a banking license. Not many exchanges can own, we will also be in East Timor. Install an ATM that allows you to withdraw cash and buy tokens. As I said, this is all government. If you want to conduct an import business, you must agree with the sales department.

You need to negotiate with other different departments. All of the above will be integrated into the base ecosystem. Thus, the bureaucracy will disappear, and the system is easy to use. Ok, this is a slide. I want to show you how to maintain the liquidity of this exchange. Because whenever I mention this, people are always curious. How do you maintain liquidity? This is a source of liquidity. Because of the open bidding system. Any government bidding. Be it the construction of roads, the construction of a telecommunications tower. Still building a hospital. Regardless of the infrastructure of any project, this system of open bidding will be implemented. It will become a resource platform in various projects. Integration of technologies underlying all of the above transactions. Is the Yiwei Exchange,

This sounds very similar to what can be found only in third world countries. I actually came from Mexico, Latin America, I know that I do not look like Please change your racial stereotype. Anyway, I’m Mexican. Usually, that most people do not know that developed countries also face the same problem. As many of you know, forty-five percent of Americans, either directly or not employed by the federal government directly? Britain has the same problem. So the problem the world faces is that many people rely on taxes. free aid, donations, etc. Different countries have different names, and here are the same problems that many countries face, especially third world countries, or Latin America, and Asia. These donations may not reach the beneficiaries. This is where blockchain can come in handy. Personal identification also has a corresponding role. Recall If you want to know more about us. Our booth is outside, another room. In the afternoon there will be an exchange.

So this is basically the general situation with the exchange of digital currency Yiwei. As I said, we will also participate in the Belt and Road. Thus, countless projects will join our exchange. digital currency exchange So, I think that we are very different compared to other exchanges. If you want to talk with us, do not agree or want to discuss, please come to our booth for consultations or participate in our conversations

As I just mentioned our information as a consultant. If you want to participate, you have great ideas. You have special skills. You want to join us in another program; we want to educate the public not only in East Timor, but also in Southeast Asia. know the technology of the blockchain, but we cannot do it alone, so we need specialists like you. Join as part of this project. This is one of the main goals that I would like to mention, in my opinion, about five minutes. People like Jimmy Roger will agree Kofi Annan, the former UN chairman, also said something similar. We are experiencing huge changes in the world. Inventions such as artificial intelligence, automation technology, will cause great harm to employment opportunities. In my opinion, The changes that we will experience Like an industrial period. We are turning from agriculture to industry. This is what we are experiencing now. Therefore, the majority of the middle class is going through a transitional period.

The fixed Internet penetration rate in Timor-Leste is one of the lowest in the world (less than 2%). Therefore, cryptocurrencies and ICO are not on the radars of local financial regulators. This puts the bitcoins in the gray legal zone and at the same time makes it technically legal in the country. In the long term, as the technology of the blockchain of smartphones and the expansion of mobile Internet in Timor-Leste develops, we can expect that the conservative authorities of the country will restrict or even ban cryptography. Meanwhile, the medium-term outlook on crypto and ICO in Timor-Leste is positive.

Detailed information:
Website: https://invech.io/
Sale of tokens: https://tokensale.invech.io/
White paper: https://tokensale.invech.io/documents/ieo-whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InvechExchange
Twitter: https://twitter.com/invechexchange
Telegram: https://t.me/InvechOfficial
ANN topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5052844.0

Author: sademolar

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