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There exist a countless number of digital currencies but having critically examined all, none has successfully been the mainstream method of exchange adopted by millions of people who will constantly and regularly use it for their transaction method on daily basis.

This is because there are some ugly occurrences which took place along the line that hinder the massive adoption of the crypto.

Take for instance the lack of steadiness in the rate of growth or value of the cryptocurrency. Today the price might be high and tomorrow the price of the cryptos might be low. There is nobody who is ready to invest in such a business that is that risky.

Did you know that you can now invest in crypto without the fear of falling of price? All you just need to do is get your crypto and watch it grow. 

The Question is what crypto are we talking about? The crypto is temtum cryptocurrency. 


Temtum is peer to peer digital currency that was recently launched. This digital currency allows everybody to be part of the temporal blockchain network and thereby allowing a fresh world of total financial freedom that has nothing to do with an institution that is centralised. 

It is a crypto with high technological headway and a blockchain crypto coin that is generally and globally accepted. It will be standard for others to emulate in term of speed, security, scalability and requirement of resources. 


The visions of these platforms are;

* To make available opportunities that have never been leverage upon in since the invention of blockchain.

*  To bring about the needed evolution to blockchain thereby leading to the growth and flourishing of cryptocurrencies. 

*  To assist in the securing of a decentralised, distributed and a future that is democratic for crypto transactions 


* Speed

Most of the crypto that ever existed is extremely slow. It takes Bitcoin nothing less than ten minutes for the complete execution of a transaction. This shortcoming made caused a reduction in the number of people that fully adopt the cryptocurrencies for the transaction.

To tackle this shortcoming, an extremely effective consensus Algorithm has been prepared for the absolute removal of limitations from the size of block. This is to ensure that transaction confirmation to a block is within the twinkle of an eye which is 12 seconds. 

*  Resources intensity 

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Most of the leading digital assets adopts a consensus mechanism that is very restrictive and wasteful.Take for instance, proof of work, consensus process needs a lot of energy to effectively work. This technique uses the live an obviously negative impact on the environment.

The consensus Algorithm and Document for initiative node participation are combined together by this platform to ensure that less energy is used. Thereby reducing the harmful environmental impact.


Dear crypto enthusiast, the best and incomparable crypto is here. Why not make the decision to join the league of successfull men and woman?

Author: sademolar

My Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2279550

My Ethereum Address: 0xB00B339F3Da6b471A253Bf4f94000b1e769D86B8


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