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Я здесь не админ!

The Meta-Hours company is identical to investment funds by the nature of its activities, working in several profitable areas. Working capital is used not only for the purpose of concluding large transactions for the sale or acquisition of shares and other financial assets of promising companies in the field of the metaverse from all over the world. Investment injections are also required for the development of promising projects in small and medium-sized businesses, in the high-tech industry and in the worldwide global network.

To ensure the growth of working capital, our company decided to use the option of attracting third-party investments not only from legal entities, but also from private investors. By establishing a connection between all participants in the activity through this online project, Meta-Hours is able to generate impressive profits, which are distributed among investors proportionally in the form of investment dividends.




100,2%-200% через 2 часа
План Сумма депозита Прибыль (%)
План 1 $20,00–$999,00 100,20
План 1 $1000,00 - $2999,00 115,00
План 1 $3000,00 - $7999,00 140,00
План 1 $8000,00 - $100000,00 200,00



Защита от DDoS-атак
Лицензионный скрипт
Registrar GmbH d/b/ajoker.com
Создано 26 ноября 2022 г.
Истекает 2023-11-26
Обновлено 1 декабря 2022 г.


Принимаем: PM, Epaycore, USDT, Alcoin,...


Присоединяйтесь здесь:    https://meta-hours.club/




Мой депозит:

Payment system ePayCore: E043373

Replenishment: 100 usd
Batch: 1227494
Comment: Deposit to Meta-Hours User hyiptank

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